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Wild Thing (Nocturne Sentinels Novella)

By Emily Shaw

Nocturne Bite e-novella
eISBN 978-1-426-83324-3
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Tayla Garrett, Sentinel and cheetah shapeshifter, has known her new partner, Mark Burton, for years. Although Tayla has always been drawn to Mark, her natural exuberance and strength has been the make-or-break in one too many relationships, and she keeps her distance; if Mark finds her stunning and completely beguiling, he nonetheless respects her obvious disinterest. But Tayla’s self-doubts are leaking over into her work, and with a critical mission before her, no one can afford a misstep.

With Tayla under emphatic orders to get her head straight–whatever it takes–and Mark under equally emphatic orders to get his new partner working to full potential–whatever it takes–they’ve got their hands full…and that’s before the timetable moves up to now. But being who they are and being what they are–and being what they quickly become to each other–they’ll get the job done.

Whatever it takes…


Reviewers on the SENTINELS SERIES:

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“Startling twists and intriguing dilemmas make the innovative premise of JAGUAR NIGHT compellingly fascinating.” —Cataromance 4.5 stars

“…Complex characters and an interesting storyline…” —Romantic Times 4 Stars

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