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Winners – 2016

2016 WINNERS!!!



First: Sofia Ula                             The Criminal Below Me

Second: J.D. Faver                           The Last Dance

Third: Jeanine Manji                    The Second Sopranos



First: Nicole Green                       Kiss Virgin

Second: Yanicke Forfang                 A Whisper of Death

Third: Steven Moores                   Intaglio



First: Carolyn Wren                      Tails of Winthrop Hall

Second: E J Frost                               Blood Yellow

Third: Aubrey Wynne                    Rolf’s Quest


Romantic Suspense

First: Masha Levinson               Trial Run

Second: Lenette Rodriguez           The Rangers Rescue

Third: Carol Potenza                    Spirits’ Heart

CONGRATS! to all our winners and all of our submissions! Thank you all for your wonderfully creative stories. 

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