A Recovering Perfectionist – In 20 Minute Increments (and a Giveaway!)

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Twenty minutes is my new mantra. Why? Because I’m a perfectionist. Have been all my life. There are good things about wanting everything to be just right and done the ‘right’ way. A perfectionist tends to do a good job. They tend to want to always improve and get better. Their standards tend to be high and they try to meet them to the best of their ability—at least for things they want to be a perfectionist about.

The bad…sometimes a perfectionist can get stuck in a panic loop. Or they will sacrifice time for quality. Or they will end up with the all-or-nothing syndrome. Either it’s done perfectly or it can’t be done. So, if a perfectionist starts organizing or cleaning the house, or writing the chapter of a book, it must all be done perfectly before they stop. Which sometimes makes it hard to start!

It’s a horrific do-loop, because if there is no start, there is no finish.

For me, I have elements of the good and the bad. As my family and friends will attest to! My office is either perfectly clean or an utter, complete disaster. My garage…well, it’s never been completely and ‘perfectly’ organized.

This weekend, I’m off work for Memorial Day. So after spending some solemn time honoring and remembering those who have fought and died serving our country, I decided it was time to tackle a project I have been avoiding…for five years or so. Surely I can find a bit of courage to face a single room in my house.

Yes. That’s right. The garage. A mountain I’ve been avoiding for a while. I almost climbed the peak once. But my parents moved from my childhood home and brought me everything from my room and the attic so it was no longer in THEIR garage. Dance costumes from when I was a child. High school papers and report cards. My high school graduation gown. My swimming medals. Oh yes, and lots and lot and lots of books! (big surprise there, huh)

It’s a month-long job, don’t you think? Looking at that picture? If not more. But I’m biting the bullet and doing it 20 minutes at a time. It’s how I write now, actually. In twenty minute increments. That’s a blog unto itself, but for 20 minutes I turn off my internal editor, and I just write. So, if it works for writing, I’m hoping it works for the garage.

Do you have any tips on getting off dead center for REALLY big projects. Or even the small ones! I’d love to know. A friend introduced me to FlyLady at http://flylady.net/. I’m checking her out! She advocates fifteen minute pushes to move forward. Similar enough to 20 minutes that I can live with that (look, already overcoming perfectionism).

Thanks so much for stopping by today. It’s truly an honor to interact with you. If you’re interested in learning more about me or my books…you can read excerpts, read reviews, sign up for my mailing list and even request trading cards or a Kindlegraph on my website at www.robinperini.com. I’m also on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. I’d love to hear from you.

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And if you want a second chance to win a book and trading cards, check out my Fresh Fiction blog and contest, where I’m talking about the perfect man. Hmmmm….

Book Blurb



Investigating a cold case is SWAT cop Mitch Bradford’s worst nightmare—especially when it involves a kidnapped infant. But thanks to an injury, he’ll have to settle for following Emily Wentworth instead of breaking down doors and cuffing criminals.

The prime suspect in a mysterious disappearance, Emily has always claimed she was framed. And as he earns the trust of the incredibly desperate—and unbelievably beautiful— mother, every instinct tells Mitch to believe her. Then new evidence unfolds, revealing an elaborate conspiracy and forcing Emily into a deadly spotlight. Now, torn between loyalty to the badge and his promises to Emily, Mitch may have to make the ultimate sacrifice if he’s to bring her little boy home.

EXCERPT – a brief taste from the beginning…

Icy wind howled through the SUV’s shattered windshield, spraying glass and freezing sleet across Eric Wentworth’s face. He struggled in and out of consciousness. Flashes of memory struck. Oncoming headlights on the wrong side of the road. Skidding tires on black ice. The baby’s cries. Emily’s screams.

Oh, God.

Why couldn’t he focus? Above the wind, he heard only silence, then an ominous gurgling sound from his lungs. He shifted his head slightly to check on his wife, and a knifelike pain seared his neck. He stopped, staring in horror at the shaft of metal guardrail penetrating his chest. Blood pulsed from the wound, but he couldn’t feel it. He couldn’t feel    anything.

Eric was dying. And it was no accident. He hadn’t taken the threats seriously, hadn’t told Emily what he’d done. Why they were all in danger.

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