07/13/2013: Adding Autohypnosis to your Writers Toolbox

Whether you are a beginning writer or veteran with many campaigns under your belt, hypnosis can be a valuable tool. In this workshop session we will cover information and exercises that will help you understand what autohypnosis is and how you can use it to improve your creativity and your ability to get those words on the page! By the end of this session you will have the tools to write and record your own autohypnosis session – something you’ll be able to use any time you sit down to write.

Dr. David Money

 David Money is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, martial artist, and hypnotist. He grew up in a small town of 4,000 people where he enjoyed hunting, fishing and hiking. He became interested in studying Chinese martial arts in high school, when a friend from Taiwan introduced him to Chinese herbs and Taoist philosophy. After graduating high school, he tried out several careers: diesel mechanic, carpentry, heavy equipment operator, demolition team, and also played guitar for a local rock band. In 1989, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management and Fisheries and began his career as a fish pathologist. At age 50, he retired from his position as a Fish Pathologist to obtain a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. Along the way he has had the opportunity to study hypnosis and mind science with several outstanding teachers. He enjoys traveling to the Caribbean with his lovely wife, and spending time with his kids and grandchildren.


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