Kitty Notes on a Move

Posted by: Emily Shaw on Nov 12 2012, 1:53 pm

BY Karen Fonville

     My friends, I am fine. Sitting amid the boxes, it is true, but I am fine.  And the cats have forgiven me.  Almost.  Mostly. At last.

     For those of you who don’t know, I am in the middle of a move.  From Texas back to Kentucky. Leaving my friends, my home and my job I love. Hopefully to find, as well as family and friends – more friends, a new home, and a new job I love.

   Little Black weighs in:      Don’t listen to the human. She’s nuts! Why, there were several unsavory characters who invaded our home. They stole our furniture…. Almost took my brother!

   Big Mouth:  Ahem… Big Brother, you exaggerate. I hid in the couch to prove to our human the folly of her plans.

  Little Black:  Sure, and they almost took you away for your grand idea!

 Big Mouth:  That was a slight mis-calculation on my part, I’ll admit.  But they didn’t get me, did they?

 Little Black:  You were all the way out the door!  Any further and I don’t think you’d have been able to find your way back. And let’s face it, she didn’t listen to you.

 Me:  Now, boys, let’s not be melodramatic.  All’s well that ends well.

 Little Black: Easy for you to say.  We didn’t put YOU in a cage for days…

 Big Mouth:  Might be fun, don’t you think?  Shall we try?

 Me:  Boys, you know I did that for your own good, to protect you. After Mouth nearly got taken to the dump with that old couch…

Mouth:  Hey, I LOVED that couch! I could get up inside there and no one could see me!

Black:  And I could hide under the bed from Mouth or any of the unsavory strangers that started coming to our house… until you took the mattress away, too.

Me: Black, I’ll get another mattress here soon.  It’s really not so bad, is it? Me sleeping on the air mattress with you guys? OR the way the trip went?

 Mouth:  People, People, People… ever since Stinker died there’ve been nothing but people. And strange experiences.

 Me: What strange people?  The movers?

 Black: Yep. First they come and take our stuff away.  Then we get in that cage and you move us into that car with that other human.

 Me:  You mean my sister? Your Aunt Lisa?

 Black: That’s her name? Aunt Lisa? You never introduced us.

 Me:  I tried.  You wouldn’t come out from under the bed, Black. Or you out of the couch, Mouth.

 Black:  She made noise.

 Me:  Yes, she was helping me pack.

 Mouth:  She made loud noise.

 Me:  Oh, you mean the vacuum.  You’d better get used to it, I’ll be using that more than I was before. 

 Both: Great.

 Me:  But you did get used to her. A little. Before we left, you started coming around to check her out.  When she was asleep.

Mouth:  She smelled of dog. And cat.

Me:  Yes, she has pets too.  And she’s pretty nice, which you would have found out if you’d given her a chance.

Black:  Maybe next time.

Me:  Now, what else?

 Black:  What were you doing when we stopped?

 Me: Which time?

 Mouth:  After the windy road, we stopped and you disappeared.  Then you came back and wind and noise met our faces.

 Me:  You remember that?  Most of the time, you guys were hiding your faces.

 Black: Until we smelled.

 Me: Smelled what?

 Mouth: Meat.

 Me: Yep, we were eating. We thought we’d be sociable and spend time with you two, so we got our food, opened her rear door and stood there with you.

 Black:  You ate in front of us.

 Me:  You didn’t act hungry.

 Mouth:  You didn’t offer us anything. Besides, after all that swaying, who could eat?

 Me:  I’m sorry.

 Black:  Then there were the big metal things staring in the window.

 Me:  Big metal things?  Do you mean the chicken statues?

 Mouth:  Birds shouldn’t be that big.  We should be able to catch them.

 Me:  You could have caught these ones, they were statues and didn’t move.  Well, except for their heads.

 Both:  We were in the cage.

 Me:  That’s right. Sorry. But how do you like our new home?

 Black:  Noisy. More people. Just when we think things are calm, PEOPLE. Sometimes you aren’t even here.

 Me: I did have the maintenance men come fix a few things.  Why don’t you tell people what you do like about the place?

 Black:  The fireplace is a good spot to hide in.

 Me:  Yes, I know you like it.

 Black:  How do you know? We are hidden. No one knows.

 Me:  Maybe no one can see you, maybe it’s the black footprints on the tub that give you away.

 Big Mouth:  Oh, yes, the tub. That’s a good place too.  But we really don’t hide either place much anymore.

 Me:  Why is that?

 Big Mouth:  That last group of people brought things in. There is much crowding now. Many good hiding places.

 Me:  Yes, those men brought our things from Texas. I don’t like the apartment as much at night now.

 Big Mouth: We like it. You do not?

 Me:  Oh, I like it okay, just not at night.  The boxes can hide things.

 Black:  Yes, we like to hide.

 Me:  But so do bad people. It’s kinda spooky. I’m glad I found my night lights. As long as I can see the enemy coming at me, it’s not so bad.

 Both:  We are here for you. Do not be afraid.

 Me: Yes, you’re here for me. At least until there’s a strange noise or I move the wrong way. Then you’re back behind the boxes again.

 Both:  We’ve got your back. You can trust us.

 Me: Thank you, I feel so safe and secure now.


 People have asked me why I moved.  The truth is there are many reasons.  It was time.  I missed these relatives and friends. It’s part of my ‘grand design’. My business plan. My grave is here. ETC.

 I am getting older.  That’s a fact.  And I’ve had a few health scares while I was in Texas. They didn’t scare me then, though, and they really haven’t scared me now. At least not in a morbid way. 

 But last year, a friend of a friend died. This man was a collector of many things, and he had a truly interesting estate. He also had a will, and named my friend as the executor.  But it wasn’t specific enough.  My friend had to do a lot to settle that will, and the stress of it jeopardized my friend’s health while he took care of it.

 That whole situation got me to thinking.  I’m a collector, although not nearly as good a one as my friend’s friend.  And truth be told, I had a lot of other stuff in the house that needed to be gotten gone before something does happen that would make other people have to take care of it.  A move if done right is good for that.

 I’m also a writer, and as a writer, I am now collecting copyrights. Kristine Kathryn Rusch talks about this in this week’s column on her blog The Business Rusch at ( ).  In this world of electronic publishing, it is now possible for a work to remain available to the reading public a lot longer.  A work that is not a hit today, MAY become a best seller in the future.  The will that I leave should be the best that I can come up with to give my heirs guidance, both in what my wishes are concerning my copyrights and in how to handle those copyrights in today’s market.  And as I learn about my business, I should also educate my heirs.

 Read Kris’s column and think about your own situation. Take care of yourselves, and of your heir’s futures.  Now.

 One interesting thing that I have noted about this move.  I have been contemplating NOT getting cable and internet. It would save on money, and probably be a time saver.  But, as many will note, I am at least a day late posting this, and I have been going through internet withdrawal. I sit, right now, at Starbucks, so that I can keep my computers updated, and so that I can catch up with news and post this.  I probably SHOULD get the cable and internet.  As a business expense. Really. Only that.  Grin…

Big Mouth in Transit

.  Julia Cameron has a week in her The Artist’s Way where you should go without media stimulation in order to bump up your creativity.  I have failed…. Again. Fallen victim to my addiction to television and connectivity. I cannot wait to get connected again!

 Live long and write good works, my friends.  Until next time.

PS  I have pictures from the road that I will try to upload. But I MAY have gone over my limit on my cell phone. Still here’s a picture of Big Mouth…


9 responses to “Kitty Notes on a Move”

  1. Tammy Baumann says:

    Glad you’re all settled Karen! Hope you and your ‘buds’ enjoy your new digs!

    • Karen says:

      Tammy, thanks! So far so good. The boys disappear during the day, but come out at night to pats and food. The noise of the other tenants bothers them some, and I have to be honest, there’ve been times I thought maybe the apt. was haunted! =:O) Still, it’s in a good place, and basically, I like it! Missing my friends and my mountains, though!

    • Karen says:

      Samantha, Thanks! Don’t let the long face fool you, though. Big Mouth actually LOVED that sink. Little Black did too, I just didn’t have the ipad handy when I found him there!


  2. Paula says:

    Karen, good luck to you and your furry friends. I enjoyed listening to your kitties.

    I sort of unplugged when TV went digital. Don’t miss it one bit. My husband said he sort of misses college football but not enough to pay cable.

  3. Karen says:

    Paula, thanks, they’re pretty entertaining at times. I was considering not going with cable, but I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out. I have enough dvds that I could probably get by, but this being offline with the computer is killing me! Maybe after I get the cable, I can actually ignore it and it won’t be so bad! loll


  4. Sierra Woods says:

    i think this quote is from Edison, who said: I didn’t fail, i discovered 2000 ways NOT to create a lightbulb.
    the word failure, for me, needs to be stricken from the language. What you’re calling failure is yet another learning opportunity.
    Maybe going without media stimulation isn’t ever going to work for you, so that’s a great discovery. Doesn’t mean you fail at The Artists Way, or that she’s wrong, just means that everyone has a different process and this one worked for her.
    I tried it and it doesn’t work for me and that’s okay, too!
    Discover YOUR process, whatever that is.
    And congrats on the move.

    • Karen says:

      You are right, I need to discover my process. With me, a routine works until the first disruption, and then, it doesn’t. I can’t wait to see what this new routine will be. So far, on Fridays (a new extra day off) I am spending it still unpacking and re-arranging the apartment. The boys are settling in, finally, and I’ve almost got the bedroom upstairs ready to move into. Once that happens, I’ll be able to concentrate on the writing.

      Thanks for the encouragement!


  5. Mona Karel says:

    I dumped the cable without missing much but I sincerely doubt I could shut off the Internet. How else could I feed my one click Kindle addiction?
    Glad you’re enjoying Kentucky, I’ve only seen it in the middle of June, not the best time to visit!

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