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04/14/2018: LERA Idol

Welcome to LERA Idol!

LERA Idol is a critique done of the first two pages of your manuscript. Those who wish to participate bring 4 copies of the first two pages. Please use a standard 12 point font and one-inch margin, standard manuscript format. There is no need to start halfway down the first page. You may or may not put your name on the manuscript at the top. Please put a title along with the possible genre you are targeting: i.e., romantic suspense, historical romance, inspirational romance, erotica, etc.

One of our members will read the first 2 pages aloud while the 3 judges follow along on their copies. Then each judge discusses the pages out loud to the group. Many times there is input also from the listening members.

No one knows which manuscript came from whom unless the writer wishes to reveal herself/ himself. It’s a good way to learn how your writing is judged on a cold read.

You may enter more than one entry, but we will try to read everyone’s first entry before going to any second ones.

Thick skin is required, along with the understanding that this is all done with the goal of getting your ms in the best shape it can be!


Celebrity Judges:

Shelly Alexander

Tamra Baumann 

Katie Lane


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